Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTC

From time to time the Factory ECU is continuously monitoring components within and attached to the engine to ensure they are running within certain limits. When a component sends information to the ECU that is outside what it is expecting to see; the ECU logs a DTC or Diagnostic Trouble Code that corresponds to the issue. Depending on how serious the issue is, the ECU will either just:

  • Log the code, or:
  • Log the code and turn on a Check Engine Light on the vehicle dashboard, or:
  • If it is a serious issue that needs immediate attention; then the ECU will log the code, turn on the Check Engine Light and put the vehicle into Limp Home mode. 

Once the issue has been fixed we can remove the code, turn off the check engine light and take the vehicle out of limp mode.

This is simple and quick for us to accomplish for just $395 + GST or if a Power Tune or Towing Tune is ordered at the same time for $995 + GST; the DTC's can be turned off and reset for free. Call us today to see how we can make this happen for you.