Truck Tuning

Eurotune Truck Tuning and Emission Solutions DPF EGR SCREurotune provide tuning services for most Trucks using Turbocharged Diesel Engines. Modern diesel engines are managed by a complex network of interconnected components and sensors that manage injector duration, injection timing, turbo boost, common rail pressure, and various emission devices like Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Digital Particulate Filter (DPF) and Adblue (SCR).
At the core of these complex systems sits the ECU or engine control unit that contains the software programme (map) that tells the engine how to respond to inputs from the numerous sensors on the vehicle. We are specialists in Truck Tuning  and Emissions via our ECU remapping services. 

When manufacturers ship new vehicles, they typically load ECUs with conservative maps to ensure their trucks perform well in a wide range of environmental conditions. For example; when setting the ECU in the OEM factory, the manufacturer must ensure the truck engines work equally well on the fast and extended runtime USA freeways, subtropical conditions and winding roads in Asia, extreme heat conditions in the Middle East, freezing conditions in Scandanavian winters, harsh conditions in Australia, and the short stop-start runs and steep terrain in New Zealand. 

Manufacturers must also make provision in their  ECU tuning maps for customers who won’t service their vehicle according to manufacturers schedules, and for differing fuel quality found in each country. Based on this, its clear that compromises in the tune must be made in order to cater for such a wide range conditions that trucks are forced to run in. This is why vehicle manufacturers need to restrict performance and impose limitations on engine capabilities.

By creating a new diesel tuning map for trucks by reprogramming your ECU for local conditions, we can unlock your engine’s full safe potential – adjusting settings to unlock previously inaccessible reserves of power, torque management, engine response, and in many cases improved fuel economy to enable your vehicle to perform as well as it possibly can. We provide diesel tuning services for most trucks fitted with turbocharged diesel engines. 

We offer three services for Trucks:

Power Tune - where we extract good gains of up to 20% in Power and Torque making for faster trips in New Zelands hilly conditions. Drivers can often carry a higher gear on the hills and in many cases the added benefit of improved fuel Economy assuming that driving style remains the same as before the tune. Pricing from $995+GST for Fuso & Canter, $1650+GST for Mercedes, DAF, ERF, Hino, Hyundau, Volvo, Iveco, Isuzu etc, and $1995+GST for Caterpillar, Cummins & Detroit.

Depower - some of the Maufacturers send theor trucks to market with a reasonably on the limit engine. Given the expense of a new or reconditioned engine, we can decrease the hp around 10% which in many cases provides many more hundreds of thousands of kms in service life before the engine needs to be rebuilt. Pricing from $1650 + GST.


4WD tuning services for towing

Diesel tuning for economy

Emission Services - From time to time the EGR, DPF or SCR units will develop issues. We have a range of services to help create economic solutions with prices starting from $695+GST.

Our Diesel Truck Tuning, ECU Remapping and Emission Solutions are available for engines used by DAF, ERF, Ford, Foton, Freightliner Fuso, Hino, Hyundai, International, Isuzu, Iveco, Kenworth, Mack, MAN, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scania, Sterling, Toyota, Volvo and others.

We are also able to tune and provide emission serivces for Off Road, Foresty and Earth Works machinery powered with Caterpillar, Detroit and other engines.

We are continually developing tunes for new vehicles as the manufacturers launch them. If you’d like more information on a Power Tune, Detune or our Emission Solutions; contact us TODAY!